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Most inspiring artworks and collages we have recently seen. Do you know that feeling, when you see a piece of art work that you immediately fall in love with; it pulls you in, makes you smile or makes you stare at it for a while and you try to figure out why you like it so much but at the same time it makes you angry and jealous because you feel talentless and inadequate when you look at it? Well we get that feeling whenever we look at FROM BRAZIL, WITH LOVE‘s website. The collages and photographs are very strong, carefully put together but they also look loose and carelessly done, as if all those photographs came together by coincidence and created a whole new story within themselves. Have a look!

“You’re a young girl, you should be at home. You should be dressed up, going out with boys, going to school, you know, that kind of stuff” Taxi Driver (1976)


All collages copyright from Brazil, With Love and respective artists and photographers.



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Abigail Reynolds might be seen as a contemporary artist, a modern painter, a graphic designer or even a story teller. It’s difficult to label things nowadays, but who cares about that. She lives in London, graduated from Goldsmiths College and Chelsea College of Art, took part in more than 30 exhibitions around the world. Above all, she has something new to offer. She takes the art of cutting paper to whole new levels, forming geometry, shape and inter-dimensionality. Mixing old and new imagery in a new perspective; such a simple idea but a highly interesting concept.

Check out other artists who also a similar technic: Bovey Lee, Peter Callesen, Chris Natrop. 


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East End Film Festival.  From the 27th of April ( today!! ) until the 2nd of May

At the beginning, the festival was routed in its support for local filmmakers and provided a platform for their work; this remains as a key objective.  In addition to the festival, LB Tower Hamlets has supported a large number of new short films through it’s Film Fund and many of these films have gone on to win awards at Festivals around the world.

You can see the full programme here

Since we’re both away and won’t be in London until Sunday we will only be able to attend the last day of the festival. Sad.

MOVIE MAYDAY, a FREE day of short and feature film screenings, live music, cinema trails, virtual tours, filmmaking competitions, quizzes and talks.  From documentaries to animatons; music videos to experimental visuals. We’ll have the chance to watch the best local and international films.

We can’t wait! See you there folks!


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Black Milk is an Australian company, founded by James Lillis. The brand is famous for it’s insane shiny leggings, but we also had a look at the swimwear collection. It’s not for everyone’s taste, but it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s creative. IT’S POP! that’s why it needs some attention.

Have you seen the popsicle print? This is what James Lillis said about that style: This was my attempt at doing ‘cute’. I thought I would use popsicles as my medium. The original name of this piece was ‘The Emotional Range of Popsicles’. And yes, pirate is an emotion.  


Favourite: The Leg Bones. Very slimming.

Least favourite: The models and the photo shoot. The girls and the style of the brand don’t match. The designer should have chosen more down to earth models. Don’t you think?


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It’s one of those days. One of those days when you wake up crying. When you need silence. When you’re sensitive about everything.When you walk in the streets alone and don’t know where you’re going. You think about your life in general, think about your friends, the one you love, the ‘moments’ in life. And then, you start questioning everything; anything. Your brain starts to hurt a bit because you think about so many things at the same time. And it  makes you want silence a bit more.When you feel like watching old movies the whole day.When you turn off your phone and don’t want to talk to anyone because they just won’t understand your mood.

It’s a good day, a bit melancholic but still good. It makes you alive, inspired and most importantly, it makes you feel.

Three videos to watch and listen when you feel this way

Under by Watercolours directed by Reuben Stephens

Devendra Banhart’s Love-In, a film by Lisa Eisner for Oliver People

Vanessa bruno, le bel ete


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I’m working on my new project. I need to make a TRIBUTE to something or someone. I chose to make a video about ‘all the things we can’t say’. The video needs to be a silent movie that lasts for 1 or 2 minutes.

Since we went to Brick Lane today I wanted to take the advantage and ask this question to a few people ( although the video won’t be up until May  ) .

Seriously, why can’t we say what we really think to someone we care about ( or don’t care about ).

We envied people who said to us today  ‘Oh I say everything to everyone, I never hold it back!’

Life is too short. Time doesn’t stay still. So SAY WHAT YOU THINK and don’t regret  later. ( we know…it’s easy to say! If you manage to do that, tell us how)

We both hate Sundays. But spending the day in Brick Lane has helped us like Sundays a bit more.

There you go!


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Images taken by Music Philosophy

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