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Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello are an Argentinian duo (once a married couple) who create sharp, quirky and sexy fashion stories for many magazines. Numero in particular. They explore many different themes and ideas of female sexuality in their work, managing to explore fetishes and fantasies that are provocative without ever being crass.

Working as a team is always complicated- sometimes one will style and have the ideas whilst the other concentrates more on the technical side. Sofia and Mauro prefer to take it in turns to shoot, Mauro starting and shooting for 2-3 minutes, then stepping back whilst Sofia starts working with her camera. Later, they’ll edit the images together.


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‘C’est la miniature que Tanaka Tomo a fait’

There are so many miniaturists in the world (we have no idea how they do it!) but we liked ‘Nunu’ the best. Her work is so innocent and adorable. The little candy suitcases, tiny cupcakes and other objects that you wouldn’t even think they’re small because they are just perfectly done with every single detail, pretending to be the actual thing. It just brings a smile to our faces!


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Merry christmas everyone!!

To download some christmas music, click here


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Finally the 50s and the 90s together! Call it sweet; call it grungy; this emerging quirky trend can not be put in any category. Pink is back, that’s for sure. Everyone is referring to Clueless (1995, the American comedy by Amy Heckerling, starring Alicia Silverstone.) and diner-, skater girls of the 50s. With her catchy pop hooks and striking cinematic image, Lana Del Rey is the perfect example of this trend. The fusion of nostalgic glamour and hip-hop emerges through both her image and music. Love it or hate it this is what summer is going to look like.

Most of the photos from: betweenpeaceandhappiness

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