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Artists, hipsters, bohemians, actors, dancers, jazz musicians, writers and poets in 1950s Paris lived a wildly romanticized life — much as their contemporaries in America, the Beatniks, were finding a wild new way to live after the second world war. Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken was part of the scene in Paris at the time and in 1956, he published a ground-breaking photobook called Love on the Left Bank. His gritty, sexy, black-and-white photos of bohemian life in Paris captured a reckless, carefree, decadent and hedonistic love for life. You can buy the book on amazon

“A story in photographs about Paris – the Paris of the young men and girls who haunt the Left Bank. They dine on half a loaf, smoke hashish, sleep in parked cars or on benches under the plane trees, sometimes borrowing a hotel room from a luckier friend to shelter their love. Some of them write,or paint, or dance. Ed van der Elsken, a young Dutch photographer, stalked his prey for many months along the boulevards, in the cafés and under the shadow of prison walls. Whatever may happen in real life to Ann and her Mexican lover, their strange youth will be preserved ‘alive’ in this book for many years.”

Thank you Lee. Algiers



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We can’t get enough of Wandern Visuals. So we decided to post about it again. If you want to get inspired this should be one of the blogs to check! It’s a bit addictive though. Have a look!



Chansons D’amour

Color of the day

Ad of Chanel & Flower Scans by Craig Cramer

Fall – Francoise Hardy + Acne

Drama drama


Earth vs Sea

Stairs to heaven


Purple Haze

Long ago

Most Beautiful Swiss Books by Scheltens-Abbenes & Unknown

Bleu Rouge

Luisa Casati & Unknown Image

Those Girls

The book I read

Saskia de brauw  by Camille Vivier for double magazine

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Places that you shouldn’t miss…
If you feel awkward eating alone in restaurants then Mavra is the perfect place, especially for breakfasts when it’s a bit more quiet (actually it’s very quiet, at some point we found ourselves murmuring). During lunch hours though, it gets pretty busy, people usually come here to work on their laptops, to talk about projects etc. Very cool place with a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food! Şahkulu Mah. Serdar-ı Ekrem Cad. No: 31 Daire:A, Beyoğlu Istanbul Province, Istanbul

You enter this place and you immediately fall in love with the atmosphere. There is an old turkish song playing on a record player in the background. There is a sweet lady working there. She owns the place and when she sees us taking photos she says ‘A new camera never creates the same beauty of an old one’. She shows us a photo her husband took years ago, then another one with her and her family. ‘I’m the blonde one on the front’ she says proudly and then, she poses with the picture in her hand. You could stay there the whole day and listen to her, to her story. She talks about her records, Pink Floyd for instance.

This place is the perfect place to shop for your house; it’s a second hand store where you can find all kinds of vintage furnitures. They have it all; from clocks to desks,tables,sofas,chairs, make-up boxes, vases etc (the cats are not for sale though!). It wasn’t a day of ‘shopping’ but we already have several things in mind to buy for the next time we stop by.

This is a very small shop and that’s a positive thing. You enter it and you find all kinds of small funny things : notepads, books , bookmarks, postcards, games, stickers for your cigarette pack etc. Actually you don’t need any of these but when you’re in the store you realize that you always wanted them and you just didn’t know it! Kağıthane (houseofpaper) : Şahkulu Mahallesi Yörük Çıkmazı no:5 Galata Beyoğlu

Ready to travel back in time? If you are, then you should definitely visit Giyçek ( Serdar-ı Ekrem Street Doğan Apartment No 30.C Galata Beyogğlu) they have amazing old time costumes and accessories, you just need to tell them the style you’re looking for and you’re then ready to go to the photo studio to have your picture taken! Next time…we’re definitely doing this!


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No Layout could be a helping hand for all you independent publishers out there! It’s a digital library archiving art books and fashion magazines. Nice and simple.

No Layout website

I love you magazine

Asher Penn



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pop.see.cul : Can you briefly describe yourself?

Hello, This is Kei Kobayashi. I am originally from Japan. I came to London to study abroad in 2006, and graduated from Central Saint Martins, BA Graphic Design course in 2010. After university, I started working as cutting assistant in Rob Ryan‘s studio.

pop.see.cul : Can you talk a little bit about your final major project at Central St Martins. What was your aim?

My final major project was a tribute to my childhood memories. The concept was ‘Nostalgia’. I created a toy, a paper puppet set, which was inspired by three books from my childhood. ‘The Three Bears’ by Tolstoy, ‘Birthday’ by Hans Fischer and ‘Caroline en Europe’, which my mum bought on their honeymoon in New Caledonia. When my mum went there, she found that book accidently. When she was a child, this book was also her favourite. When I was 3 years old, she gave it to me. The books prompted me to come over to Europe.

I was trying to make people touch the artwork using their five human senses. It is not always true that a person’s childhood toys go on to become their nostalgic treasures; but this was the case for a number of people I talked to, and it was the case for me. Some nostalgic treasures always stay with me in my daily life. Treasures take different forms for every person, however the toy, for me  is capable of fulfilling many of the requirements of a treasure. And I hope that my paper puppet will be a treasure for someone in the future.

pop.see.cul : What is the first thing you remember about your childhood? Your best or worst memories perhaps.

When I was a child, my favourite moment was when my mum told me stories every night before I went to bed. I still remember the colours of each scene and phrase. My worst memory is the day when my cat passed away.

pop.see.cul : What inspires you the most?

Not only art and design but also a trips in Europe. For example, the view from an airplane or a beautiful sunset at the seaside.

pop.see.cul : What are your plans for the future? What is your dream?

I would like to be a designer who can create quality artwork that people want to keep for their whole lives, allowing it to become a treasure.

pop.see.cul : How would you describe your style in general?

I have always described my work as ‘hand made graphic design’. It’s really difficult to explain it, because I have not only did graphic design but also fashion and product design. But all of my work was handmade. Therefore, I love to use the term ‘hand made style’

Some of Kei’s sketchbook pages :


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Les lettres de Madame de Sevigne. A book everyone should read. (at least some of the letters.)

Madame de Sevigne was a French aristocrat, remembered for her letter-writing. Most of her letters, celebrated for their wit and vividness, were addressed to her daughter. They are very well written, some are dramatic others are funny. We especially like the one she wrote about Vatel, “Maître d’hôtel”s suicide. Vatel is known for creating Chantilly cream (creme Chantilly). At Louis XIV’s banquet for 2000 people; Vatel, the perfectionist, was so upset about the lateness of the fish and other mishaps that he committed suicide by running himself through with a sword. (!!!!)


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Random pictures that we love looking at today.

This little hand is ‘à croquer’!

Cookies are even more delicious when there is a smiley face on them

We really miss the sea

The smell of breakfast

Going away with a friend

A rainbow pancake

Enjoying summer nights 

Popcorn,stars and outdoor movies

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