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Collages by law student Dessi Terzieva

“In the process of cutting pictures from old books/magazines, I get to know my characters and their story, ultimately to make them my own. By giving them a new reality, they give me a voice. Each collage is the equivalent of a diary entry – I am speaking to you and others, telling you how I feel, what I think, what I crave, and what I despise.”

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Charlie Engman is a real inspiration. Whenever we see his photos it makes us want to go out and take photos, and whenever we see his collages it makes us want to stay home and make sketchbooks the whole day!


Yellow Fever

Digital Sketchbook


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Posters– Nat Baldwin,2010Call and response, SAN FRANCISCO, 2005

pop.see.cul: Firstly, can you please give us a brief description of what you do and what your background in the creative industry is.

Nathaniel Russell: I went to college and studied printmaking. After graduation I moved to California and worked in a couple printmaking studios. I made artwork and tried to show it as much and do as many things as I could. I made a lot of posters for bands, album artwork, and t-shirts. Eventually I started a blog where I post art, photos, and writing semi-regularly. I started making shirts for my friends at mollusk surf shop, more album artwork, and more posters and zines. These days I live in Indiana and make prints and drawings, post stuff on my blog, design shirts and album covers fairly regularly and try to do good work for myself and others.

pop.see.cul:  Has there been a particular project you found to be the highlight of your career so far?

Nathaniel Russell:  I was awarded the art park/atlantic residency in Byron Bay, Australia last year. I went there for a month and made art, made new friends, and hung out. It was pretty amazing and one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.

pop.see.cul: What is your typical day like?

Nathaniel Russell:  I wake up, take the dog for a walk, make coffee, do some e-mails, eat breakfast, work on whatever design, layout, or illustration gig I have at the moment until lunch, take a break and eat lunch with my girlfriend, get back to work, go for a walk again with the dog, maybe play guitar a little, make dinner, maybe work a  little more on a drawing or in the sketchbook, watch a tv show or a movie, read a book, sleep, start all over. Some days I go visit my grandma.

pop.see.cul: What are your plans for the future?

Nathaniel Russell:  I want to travel more and meet new people. I want to make better art and music. I want to get a cabin in the woods.

pop.see.cul: Can people buy your work? (if yes, from where?)

Nathaniel Russell:  Sure. I have a website ( that has a link to a store. I sometimes have art shows where things are for sale. Mollusk in San Francisco sometimes has things laying around of mine.

pop.see.cul: Has there been any moments where you thought of leaving everything behind to pursue another career?

Nathaniel Russell: I used to drive a van for a record label and deliver boxes of records. In retrospect it was kind of nice to have a straightforward task to do and to just do it and not be stressed out about it. Sometimes that sounds attractive again. I would sometimes like to work in a record store again or run a coffee shop.

pop.see.cul: You also write and play music as Birds of America. Isn’t there anything you can’t do?

Nathaniel Russell:  There are so many things I cannot do that it would blow your mind. I really don’t think I can do all that much more than anybody else, it’s just what we choose to work at and pursue. I don’t think I’m any more special than anybody else.

Fliers – BurnCalm downThe opposite of lostRecords-Port O’Brien,Close The Lid (End Of The Road)

Ruthann Friedman “White Dove” (Ether)Matt Baldwin “Paths To Ignition” CD/LP (American Dust)

CalendarDrawings – SingerBlack hole

Gif – Cruising


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Here is another POP.ASKS.YOU interview. We’ve come across Grace’s blog a few days ago and were really impressed with her amazing, dreamy drawings.

Florence and the Machine

Coco Chanel

Sketchbook Pages

Carey Mulligan-The Great Gatsby

Jane Campion-Bright Star

pop.see.cul : Can you briefly describe yourself?

Grace Hamilton : Hi! I’m Grace Hamilton, age 21. I live in Hertfordshire near some beautiful countryside. I spend half of my time as a Barista in a coffee shop and the other half drawing pretty girls with sad faces or making collages with old photographs and love letters.

pop.see.cul : When did you start drawing?

Grace Hamilton : As long as I can remember I’ve loved drawing. When I haven’t created anything in a while I get really uneasy like it’s a physical need or I have to work out something in my head. A few years ago after I left college I was feeling lost, I found the experience of art education restricted me. So I created my blog and shop so I wouldn’t lose my love of art.

pop.see.cul : From the work you’ve done so far which one would you say you like the best? And Why?

Grace Hamilton : I’m really proud of the work I created for Audrey Grace Boutique. The opportunity to illustrate two of the most beautiful women (Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly) was a real turning point for my art. My favourite pieces are the Marie Antoinette collages I made for the Boutique. Everything seemed to come together and relate to the stages that Marie goes through in the film by Sofia Coppola.

pop.see.cul : What are your inspirations?

Grace Hamilton : What I look for in everything I draw is a story. Mostly a love story, good or bad – so I look everywhere to find that feeling I want to achieve. Be it Fairytales, Movies, old Hollywood Icons or visits to Stately homes. I read a lot of novels and collect vintage photographs. Every wall of my room is covered in prints by artists like Waterhouse or fashion photography from different decades.  Most importantly I think music is my biggest inspiration. I listen to Damien Rice, Iron and Wine, Ray LaMontagne, Band of Horses, Counting Crows, Bon Iver and The Decemberists.

pop.see.cul : What are your plans for the future? What is your dream?

Grace Hamilton : It’s my dream to one day illustrate books, and to just keep progressing and growing more confident in my work. I’d love to make a career out of something creative; I just haven’t found the right path yet.  Its’ a lot to ask but I would like to create art that lasts or becomes precious to someone because of how it makes them feel, or what it reminds them of in life.

 pop.see.cul : How would you describe your style in general?

Grace Hamilton : All of my illustration work is watercolour, ink and pencil. It’s incredibly feminine and I hope has a sense of romance and loss. My work is always about a time gone by and trying to retain that sense of beauty, delicacy and style that we perceive the past has.

pop.see.cul : Can people buy your work? and from where?

Grace Hamilton : I have an etsy shop here that I will be updating very soon.

Click here to visit her blog


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It is nudity that allowed many artist to create sculptures, paintings and photographs throughout many years. Lately there has been quite a lot of exhibitions on the subject. For example Czech photographer Pavel Bruntzlik shows the naked human form as part of a geometrical system, urging viewers to look at their own bodies in a completely different way. American photographer Ryan McGinley’s work has forever shown youth, freedom and the joy of being wholly in the moment using naked woman portraits.

Images from Ryan McGinley and abstruse. Collages by pop.see.cul


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Our six favourite movies of 2011 and their colors.

Another earth – Blue

We need to talk about Kevin – Red

La Piel que Habito – White

Jane Eyre – Green

Melancholia – Green + Blue + Red

Beginners – Yellow


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‘We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.’

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