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Fashion weeks are over but the party continues! Last weekend, iconic Paris concept store Colette celebrated its 15th birthday with an epic carnaval, open to everyone at the Tuileries Gardens (It’s the first time a brand has been granted access to the gardens for a public event). Music, food, fun events, movies, installations, great brands… We should have been there!! What better way to celebrate a birthday than to throw a huge carnival?

Photos from http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com and  http://www.colettecarnaval.com



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Places that you shouldn’t miss…
If you feel awkward eating alone in restaurants then Mavra is the perfect place, especially for breakfasts when it’s a bit more quiet (actually it’s very quiet, at some point we found ourselves murmuring). During lunch hours though, it gets pretty busy, people usually come here to work on their laptops, to talk about projects etc. Very cool place with a beautiful atmosphere and delicious food! Şahkulu Mah. Serdar-ı Ekrem Cad. No: 31 Daire:A, Beyoğlu Istanbul Province, Istanbul

You enter this place and you immediately fall in love with the atmosphere. There is an old turkish song playing on a record player in the background. There is a sweet lady working there. She owns the place and when she sees us taking photos she says ‘A new camera never creates the same beauty of an old one’. She shows us a photo her husband took years ago, then another one with her and her family. ‘I’m the blonde one on the front’ she says proudly and then, she poses with the picture in her hand. You could stay there the whole day and listen to her, to her story. She talks about her records, Pink Floyd for instance.

This place is the perfect place to shop for your house; it’s a second hand store where you can find all kinds of vintage furnitures. They have it all; from clocks to desks,tables,sofas,chairs, make-up boxes, vases etc (the cats are not for sale though!). It wasn’t a day of ‘shopping’ but we already have several things in mind to buy for the next time we stop by.

This is a very small shop and that’s a positive thing. You enter it and you find all kinds of small funny things : notepads, books , bookmarks, postcards, games, stickers for your cigarette pack etc. Actually you don’t need any of these but when you’re in the store you realize that you always wanted them and you just didn’t know it! Kağıthane (houseofpaper) : Şahkulu Mahallesi Yörük Çıkmazı no:5 Galata Beyoğlu

Ready to travel back in time? If you are, then you should definitely visit Giyçek ( Serdar-ı Ekrem Street Doğan Apartment No 30.C Galata Beyogğlu) they have amazing old time costumes and accessories, you just need to tell them the style you’re looking for and you’re then ready to go to the photo studio to have your picture taken! Next time…we’re definitely doing this!


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‘C’est la miniature que Tanaka Tomo a fait’

There are so many miniaturists in the world (we have no idea how they do it!) but we liked ‘Nunu’ the best. Her work is so innocent and adorable. The little candy suitcases, tiny cupcakes and other objects that you wouldn’t even think they’re small because they are just perfectly done with every single detail, pretending to be the actual thing. It just brings a smile to our faces!


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Merry christmas everyone!!

To download some christmas music, click here


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Indigo is a deep midnight blue. We’ve been seeing more and more of the shades of this colour not only on the catwalks, but also in our homes. A wide spectrum of blues can be achieved using indigo, ranging from soft dusty blues, green-tinted blues and dazzling brights to almost black. The history of indigo is also quite interesting. India is believed to be the oldest center of indigo dyeing in the Old World. Though the word it has existed in English since the 13th century and it was Isaac Newton who first introduced indigo as a spectral colour. It also promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness.


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Random pictures that we love looking at today.

This little hand is ‘à croquer’!

Cookies are even more delicious when there is a smiley face on them

We really miss the sea

The smell of breakfast

Going away with a friend

A rainbow pancake

Enjoying summer nights 

Popcorn,stars and outdoor movies

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