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One night, one girl, one guy.

Anne Émonds’ film is an intimate study of a one-night stand. Clara and Nikolai meet at a club and end their night at Nikolai’s apartment. The movie has three different parts. The first part is an erotic portrait of their lovemaking. The second part is ‘Nikolai’s story’ and in the last part we go through ‘Clara’s story’. This typical hookup takes an unexpected turn.

Mood of the movie 

Why you should watch it –  The story is very real. The conversations are not boring at all (on the contrary, very deep and moving). Everyone will find something of their own. The soundtrack is great. You really get into the characters.



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We’ve wanted to post about this movie for ages now (maybe even before we actually started pop.see.cul). But anyway, better late than never right? A Swedish Love Story, filmed in 1970, became sort of an underground cult hit because of its straight-forward storytelling and honest imagery. The film is about two Swedish teens named Annika and Pär who fall in love, both too shy to communicate their feelings for each other. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, please do! ( although it’s a bit difficult to find it!). And the styling! The way they are dressed, it’s absolutely amaaaazing!


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You still have a day left lovers!


V2K Designers

Last five pictures from 74′ studio, designed by 74’studio


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Just to complete our previous post 

Drug addiction, mental disorders, we ‘ve seen it all. But how do you show sex addiction in movies without making it look cheesy? That’s the tricky part and McQueen should be applauded for achieving this. We get in into Brandon’s world. We catch a glimpse of his soul through music; a small procession of LPs dresses a plain living room unit where Glenn Gloud variations pour from a turntable, cocooning Brandon in a thin film of precious tranquility. It’s these same abstract notes that accompany Shame‘s most elegant crafted sequence – a single tracking shot of Brandon jogging at night that is both audacious and hypnotic in its execution.

We meet Brandon somewhere in the middle of his journey and we leave him without a clear sense of its end.

McQueen has made a bold and accomplished film but, aside from a fearless lead performance, Shame’s price assets, like those call girls Brandon solicits, are superficial. It’s not our favorite movie. Maybe the trailer was SO good that our expectations were VERY high. But Michael Fassbender is at his most forceful, the sound on the background works perfectly good and the filming plus choice of colors are very well done.

All from Little White Lies issue 39


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Finally a documentary about Wayne White :

Beauty Is Embarrassing

Paintings by Wayne White


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Our six favourite movies of 2011 and their colors.

Another earth – Blue

We need to talk about Kevin – Red

La Piel que Habito – White

Jane Eyre – Green

Melancholia – Green + Blue + Red

Beginners – Yellow


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Little White Lies, Issue 39.

Emerging from the detritus of porn cuttings and dark ruminations, the new issue of LWLies is dedicated to Steve McQueen’s icy sex-addiction drama Shame, starring the sensational Michael Fassbender.

Cornered in his hotel room during the Toronto Film Festival, the ever-provocative Steve McQueen ruminates on free will, desire and his upcoming film Shame.The director’s sophomore feature takes an unflinching look at the destructive nature of sex addiction, following Michael Fassbender’s corporate drone Brandon through a solitary routine of meaningless sexual encounters.

‘The collide between morality and addiction, where one ends and the other begins.’

We CAN’T wait to watch it.

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