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74STUDIO is looking for interns!

’74Studio is a Creative Studio and Agency located in the oldest district of Istanbul-Karakoy specializing in Graphic Design and Brand Making. With a team of multi-disciplinary designers, we bring to life well thought out designs and craft a powerful body of work for a client, list of individuals, brands and institutions. We value immaculate and meticulous designs and believe that visual communication using different mediums exceeds expectations both aesthetically and strategically. 74studio also provides the grounds for expression of independent ideas and artistic visions, using it as a platform for collaboration; we join forces with other artists to produce work that is unique, thoughtful, innovative and memorable. Our disciplines include Brand Consultancy, Art Direction, Image-Making, Typography, Music, Art, Motion, Culture, Video, Photography and Fashion.’

If interested and living in Istanbul, please email info@74studio.com.tr immediately!



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Here are a few final projects from MA Graphic Moving Image students at London College of Communication. To view all of them ( + description of videos ) please click here.

Alex Holstein – Shadowscope

Maria Rocha – Performing Words – King of Gap

Martim Monica – The Veil of time

Roman Kim – Ritual


Picture 1+3 from LCC staff, picture 2 by Scarlett Fu


November 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

I started working on the theme of ‘communication’ a long time ago. I first started with the video ‘All the things we never say‘ and continued with the video ‘TALK‘. Both of them were sort of an introduction to ‘Maggie’s Appetite’.

Maggie’s Appetite is a short movie I’ve filmed for my final project about communication in couples.



Written, Directed and Edited by Pia Hakko

Starring David Frampton & Morgane Moré

All clothes from V2K & Vakkorama




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“By archiving our digital past, we have discovered a new appreciation of that which we previously coveted, used and cast aside.” WGSN

BACK TO THE FUTURE by Irina Werning is a photography project that asks participants to re-enact a younger version of themselves, creating an exact replica of a past recorded moment. Most of you probably have seen these photos by now, but if you haven’t, you can visit Saatchi Gallery in London to see the exhibition (or just scroll down).


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This is an interview for Artflow Magazine. Artflow is an online magazine that provides a platform for creative designers to showcase their works and express themselves.The magazine features creative individuals, their works, what it took to achieve it and the support they receive. To learn more, read the rest of the issue, subscribe or request a hard copy please visit the website.


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Remember this post?

Here are a few more photos.


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I’m working on my new project. I need to make a TRIBUTE to something or someone. I chose to make a video about ‘all the things we can’t say’. The video needs to be a silent movie that lasts for 1 or 2 minutes.

Since we went to Brick Lane today I wanted to take the advantage and ask this question to a few people ( although the video won’t be up until May  ) .

Seriously, why can’t we say what we really think to someone we care about ( or don’t care about ).

We envied people who said to us today  ‘Oh I say everything to everyone, I never hold it back!’

Life is too short. Time doesn’t stay still. So SAY WHAT YOU THINK and don’t regret  later. ( we know…it’s easy to say! If you manage to do that, tell us how)

We both hate Sundays. But spending the day in Brick Lane has helped us like Sundays a bit more.

There you go!

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