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Collages by law student Dessi Terzieva

“In the process of cutting pictures from old books/magazines, I get to know my characters and their story, ultimately to make them my own. By giving them a new reality, they give me a voice. Each collage is the equivalent of a diary entry – I am speaking to you and others, telling you how I feel, what I think, what I crave, and what I despise.”

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Our next guests on are the very talented couple Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader, REED+RADER

pop.see.cul : Can you tell us a bit about your background? When did you guys collaborate?

Reed+Rader : We met while attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2002. A first generation Windows iPod brought us together and made us friends.  3 months later we were living together with our first cat.  We worked together ever since the beginning but officially became the team Reed + Rader in the winter of 2005.

pop.see.cul :Do you ever disagree with each other while working on a project?Does it get hard?

Reed+Rader :We really don’t disagree much, it’s a bit cliché, but it’s like 1 person with 20 fingers.  We have very similar tastes so it doesn’t take more than a glance or nod of a head on set to point something out to the other and they know exactly what we’re saying.  The only difficult part is separating Pamela + Matthew from Reed + Rader, we’re a couple as well as a creative team, so it never shuts off.  Brainstorm meetings at 4AM aren’t uncommon.

pop.see.cul : Where do you get your inspiration from?

Reed+Rader : Much of our inspiration is technology inspired – by either the latest gadgets, games, or by hours of daily web browsing.  You often see Internet memes and gaming characters pop up in our work.

pop.see.cul : Has there been a particular project you found to be the highlight of your career so far?

Reed+Rader : Being part of the Greenbox Project with Becks was pretty cool and a dream experience for an artist.  It was a global augmented reality project where there were these giant boxes all over the world and they are the markers for the digital content that you see when you hold your smartphone up to them.  Our green box was in Milan and we created a world of clouds, smiley faces, and magic called Super AR_Avatars.  It was cool to be one of the launch artists and to be part of the project.    We were in Berlin in December to also help launch the project there and see our Green box live, it was a fun trip.

pop.see.cul : What is your typical day like?

Reed+Rader :On shoot dates we rise early, shoot, eat pizza for dinner, play with some cats and end up in bed pretty early.
On non shoot dates we rise later, email, edit work, email, play with cats, garden, bake, eat pizza for dinner, play with more cats, end up in bed playing a game or reading.

pop.see.cul : What are your plans for the future?

Reed+Rader : For us the key word is interactivity.  We want the users to no longer have a passive experience, but we want them to participate in the work.  We love the idea of having the viewer become the art director, let them make the choices.Other technologies we are playing with are augmented reality and 3d depth cameras like the Microsoft Kinect.   These are all ideas we have pursuing and pushing in our work.

pop.see.cul : How would you describe your style in general?

Reed+Rader : Future tech, characters, playful.

pop.see.cul :Can you name a few people you’d like to work with?

Reed+Rader :We love anyone who thinks out of the box and doesn’t take themselves or work too seriously.

pop.see.cul : What are your favorite films?

Reed+Rader : Blade Runner, The Passion of Joan of Arc, Serial Experiments  Lain, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Brazil, Citizen Kane,  Metropolis, Strange Days,  The Holy Mountain, THX 1138, Star Wars, Monty Python, Ghost in the Shell, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Wall-E

pop.see.cul : Pamela, can you tell us one word that describes Matthew?

Pamela Reed : Bippy.

pop.see.cul : Matthew, one word to describe Pamela?

Matthew Rader : Kodiak Bear.

To view more visit their website here


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Oliver Vaughn is a freelance stylist and art director who does fascinating work for a number of magazines, such as Sheer and Huf Magazine. Our paths have crossed and we had the chance to collaborate with him in one of his photoshoots. He was kind enough to answer our questions for

pop.see.cul: Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you get involved with styling?

Oliver: I’ve always loved fashion but I actually didn’t study it or plan a career in it. Bizarrely I studied law at university! I came away with a law degree and then horrified myself with the thought of being chained to a desk during every waking hour for the rest of my life. Luckily I knew some really talented people in the fashion and music industry who gave me some great opportunities. I worked hard, got myself out there and networked. You have to be very dedicated and put the hours in or you don’t get anywhere, when starting out as a stylist it involves doing a lot of work for free so you have to simultaneously put hours in elsewhere to earn money. It’s hard work but if you keep at it eventually it pays off!

pop.see.cul: What are your inspirations? Is there anyone in particular that has inspired your work?

Oliver: I am inspired by the vibrance of London and the people around me. I love looking through the collections of upcoming designers and seeing the creative brilliance that is yet to be discovered by mainstream fashion press, it excites me. I also love looking at the work of photographers like Steven Klein; I love the way he captures fashion in a way that is dark and twisted but still beautiful. For me it is essential  that fashion is portrayed in refreshing and innovative ways, so as much as I love looking through fashion magazines it is important not to take too much inspiration from ideas and concepts that have already been done.

pop.see.cul: How do you pick the people you’re going to work with for a photo-shoot? Or do they pick you?

Oliver: In terms of the creative teams I work with – they are often put together by the magazines that I work for. However with personal projects or those that I lead on the creative direction for, I am very lucky to have some fantastic and extremely talented friends in the industry that I work alongside. It is so important to enjoy what you are doing in fashion – otherwise it will show in your work, and that is so much easier when you have great people around you. I work a lot with an immensely talented makeup artist called Michelle Webb who constantly blows me away with her work – she is a true artist and I think I produce some of my best work when I am creating alongside her. Similarly I love working with a hairstylist called Kim Roy who is inspirational in her skill and technique. It is important to work with new people though and I really enjoy the variety and interaction from different and new teams that you are constantly exposed to in this industry.

pop.see.cul: Can you tell us more about Sheer Magazine?

Oliver: Sheer is a brand new high-end glossy fashion magazine. We launched with the first issue at the end of last summer and received great feedback. We were stocked in 400+ stores across the UK and 40 countries worldwide. We are just a small, young team so there is a big emphasis on promoting new and young talent within the magazine; which I think is incredibly important. It is lovely to be able to feature some of London’s best young creatives alongside some of the more established high-end brands like Burberry. We are currently working on issue 2 and made a conscious decision not to rush it out. It is going to be much bigger and better than issue 1 – so watch this space!

pop.see.cul: What are your top clothing essentials to buy for summer? What’s your favorite new trend for fall so far?

Oliver: For the girls it was clear from the summer collections shown in September that pinks, oranges and print patterns are going to be massive. For boys I always say that it is essential to invest in some decent fitted tailoring. In the summer it is all about a good pair of rolled up shorts in a bold colour. My red shorts are my summer staple (those and RayBans of course). In terms of next fall – obviously lots of black, I went to several shows this fashion week which were basically all black collections. For girls black lace pieces are a must have and for boys a sharp trench coat.


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Twin Sisters Neele And Inka Hoeper shot by Maria Mölko


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Directed by Heitor Dhalia, À Deriva is a 1980s-set drama about a teenage girl undergoing her sexual awakening when she learns about her father’s infidelities.

We are literally in love with actress Laura Neiva and of course Vincent Cassel.


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Kalmanovich is a ready-to-wear label based out of Moscow and New York. With the aim of draping luxurious fabrics on the modern silhouette, the brand creates forward designs defined by romantic statement pieces – ruffling soft tulle around impeccably tailored gowns or draping luxurious fabric beneath a cinched waist. Whether embroidered wool or playfully layered silk, the foundation of the brand is its bold identity, coupled with a fascination for whimsy.

Thanks to Lux Cartel for bringing attention to these new designers! Julia Kalmanovich’s collection just arrived on


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